Document Management Solution (DMS)


Why successful companies are utilising a DMS:


  1. Cost savings

  2. Maximised capability for automated workflow processes

  3. Team’s ability to retrieve and archive documents.


Why UTL?


With decades of experience working with large corporations and SMEs, we can supply software and recommendations for your business which will facilitate:


  1. An analysis of areas that can reduce costs through computer software and technology

  2. Reduction of overheads and costs by automating manual processes

  3. Ability to understand unique working patterns and documentation lifecycles that can be interpreted and then automated

  4. Minimisation of security risks whilst maximising compliance and security

  5. Efficient retrieval of documents and which includes a full audit trail which includes change control and visibility of all previous versions and amendments

  6. Filing of documents into shared systems and therefore facilitating immediate access by all appropriate personnel

  7. Connecting people, processes and information through shared technology and intelligent automated support.


Finance document management and workflow:

  • Invoice and purchase order processing

  • Paperless archiving, GL coding

  • Matching invoice to POs

  • Approval sign-off workflows

  • Stopping the chasing of paper and simplification of audits for better cash flow and compliance management

  • Possibility to link with finance systems and ERPs.


HR records management process automation

  • Control of sensitive employee documents, data and records

  • Automation of onboarding, separations and performance review tasks

  • Intelligent workflows and end-user tools to cut risk and improve employee experience.


General document management to support remote working -

  • Including version controls

  • Approval workflows

  • Intelligent filing

  • Simplified search and retrieval to improve productivity and reduce risk


Digital Mailroom Solutions

  • Automation of electronic capture

  • Distribution of inbound post to recipients, departments and processes.


Productivity and automation tools

  • Automated invoice processing technology to reduce up to 90% of manual data entry of invoice information

  • From email to scanned paper into the finance system/ERP

  • Cuts errors and mundane work for a minimum of £15 per week

  • DocuSign electronic signature software

  • Simplification and improved speed for signature collection process

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology for the automation of manual digital tasks

  • Credit checks, customer due diligence processes, onboarding, data entry, logistic co-ordination

  • Plus much more…


Reducing costs can maximise profits whilst utilising technology to automate workflow and processes. Your company will benefit from a strategised ROI and significant improvement in office efficiency.


If YOU feel these systems would be of benefit to your business and therefore - Making Technology Work for YOU - please call a senior member of the team for a preliminary discussion.