Could touch-free printing be the next move for your business?

With more of us returning back to work, creating a safe and clean workspace is essential. Whilst we all may wish the pandemic was a thing of the past, we still have a long road ahead of us. As an office worker printing can be a big part of your job resulting in multiple staff members having to physically touch keys on the machine in order to complete the task at hand. So, the question is, how can we make our offices safer and minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19?

At UTL Group we are an approved PaperCut supplier and are now able to offer a print management software that allows you and your colleges to reduce the use of touchpoints on the devices used by staff, keeping the shared equipment as sanitised as possible. PaperCut offer multiple options that are available such as;

  • Swipe card with automatic release

  • Fast release terminals

  • Mobile print release

  • User web interface print release

  • Delegated print release

  • Release stations

These are just a few of the methods used to introduce touch-free printing into your workspace. Each one caters to different devices and needs of the user. It’s a simple and efficient secure printing solution that avoids the need for anyone to interact with the control panel.

The obvious benefit is that there is no reason for employees to touch the printer, meaning you as a business are reducing the chance of someone with the virus touching the keypad. Other benefits include staff being able to send print jobs when they are out of the office or working from home, which seems still seems to be the case for a lot of businesses. Another great asset to this software is that it has a secure release of personal print jobs across multiple devices and restricted access to device functionality for specific users, groups, or departments. It couldn’t be easier to keep your staff safe.

If you are interested in talking to one of our experts about introducing touch-free printing into your company, UTL Document Solutions are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us

on 08000 43 42 41

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